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3D scanning can be a great way to gather much data about an existing building, and it may become the standard method of capturing information about eye-level features. However, you have to invest time and money in the scanning process, and it still takes time to analyze the data. For example, you could use 3D scanning to take data from a building that will undergo restoration. 3D scanning is quick, accurate, and requires only a small number of measurements before you have a good amount of data. The captured data can then be used for modeling in CAD software or even published online for better visualization. With the rapid technological advances in laser scanning, Wildplant terrestrial solutions provide advanced 3D laser scanning for building to utilize the latest technology available.



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It is based on the building area and size you want to 3d scan. We can 3D can per day 40,000 to 50,000 sqft size of building per day.

Building scanning is based on the area and complexity, and applications. Building 3D scanning in India costs per day 30,000 to 60,000 rupees. Creating a 3D modeling of a building after 3D scanning will be an extra additional cost which's calculated on an hourly basis.

Raw 3D scanning of building output will be 3D point cloud formats.

3D Laser scanning of buildings and other infrastructure is based on area and applications. We can 3D scan per day 40 to 50 scans. As a total per day, 30,000 to 50,000 sqft of building we 3D scan with one scanner.

Yes, our terrestrial laser scanners are capable of scanning the building's interior and exterior.

We can 3D scan the exterior of the building even there is a day out in sunlight or darkness in night. We can 3D scan the exterior of the buildings.

Faro focus 3D scanners are best for 3D scanning a building infrastructure or any large object and infrastructure.

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