Scan To BIM Services

Plan, design, construct and manage existing buildings and construction sites with the help of our Scan-to-BIM Solutions for terrestrial applications.



Plan, design, construct, renovate and manage existing buildings and construction sites with the help of our Scan-to-BIM Solutions for terrestrial applications. Scan-to-BIM is the process of digitally capturing an existing civil building site with the help of high-performance terrestrial 3D laser scanners and using the building scans as a reference to design a Building information model in a dedicated scan to BIM software environment, outputs from scan to BIM represents the existing building in digital format that is used for design construction and operation process.We can accept any long-range laser scans from different types of lidar and laser 3D scanners for making scan to BIM modeling. You can upload the point clouds in our online scan to BIM modeling portal to get an instant quote for BIM modeling from the scan.

Why Wildplant Terrestrial for a scan to BIM projects?

  • Most extensive 3D scan to BIM modeling team
  • We use AutoCAD Revit for Scan to BIM modeling.
  • Dedicated teams for architecture and MEP
  • Can handle large volume scan to BIM projects
  • Instant quote for a scan to BIM modeling services
  • Extensive post-project support
  • Competitive pricing

What kind of 3D scan do we use to create BIM model?

Commercial Buildings

IT infrastructure

Educational Institute

Commercial Buildings

IT infrastructure

Educational Institute

Application and Benefits
of Scan-to-BIM Workflow

The AEC industry has seen a rise in the demand for BIM implementation and the creation of BIM Schematics for existing buildings. Hence, the demand for Scan-to-BIM Solutions is also growing in this industry. The traditional method of as-built documentation of an existing building would involve a lot of resources such as manpower, time, and money, and yet one would not have accurate data about the As-Built conditions. These challenges can be overcome with the help of 3D Laser Scanning and BIM modeling applications

  • In the design phase, a BIM model with incomplete or unreliable information about the existing building can waste more time rectifying it than getting precise point cloud data using a 3D laser scanner for terrestrial applications. Plus, errors in an inaccurate BIM model can negatively impact the project because all users of the BIM model will not have a clear idea about the project's end result. Under such circumstances, Long-range 3D laser scanners can help improve the accuracy of the BIM model right from the start of the project and thereby enhance the efficiency of the BIM process and avoid rework.
  • BIM models developed from the laser scan of actual buildings can be used for Structure Stability
  • Using 3D scan to BIM models of Dilapidated Buildings, you can perform Remaining life assessments Studies.
  • Create a Digital walkthrough of any building from the BIM modeling.
  • Scan to BIM modeling helps facility managers with retrofit, revamp, and renovation projects.
  • The output of our scan-to-BIM modeling services enables MEP service providers to have early clash detection alerts.
  • Collect substantially more information safely, more accurately, and in a significantly reduced timeframe.

As-Built Architecture

As-Built Architecture

  • Building documentation
    (2D plans, profiles, elevation)
  • Facade Documentation
  • Roof Documentation
  • Scan to BIM (Intelligent Building Models)
  • Clash Detection / Coordination / Layout
  • Surface Deformation and / or scan vs BIM Analysis

As-Built MEP

As-Built MEP

  • Documentation / Modeling of HVAC
  • Documentation / Modeling of pipes
    (pipe runs, Tie-in point etc)
  • Electrical conduit and cable trays
  • Planning and Coordination with design
  • Scan to fabrication (Creation of parts lists)
  • Clash Detection (with proposed design)

Scan To BIM

Getting estimation for the scan to bim project is easier than you think. Upload your heavy files or give us a link to download those building or infrastructure point clouds. Our scan to BIM specialist downloads the same and gives you a quick estimation for your projects. Once you give us a node with order confirmation, we will instantly start the modeling process. You can interact with our team online 24X7 for understanding the progress of your project or post-project support at any time

  • Instant quote
  • Competitive price
  • 24X7 support
  • Dedicated MEP and Architect team

For technical issues, please visit our support center



According to The National BIM Standard Project Committee in the United States, the definition of building information modeling is as follows: “Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital representation of a facility's physical and functional characteristics. A BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition.”

You may get a free quote by clicking on the button below. or by uploading your scan files into the link.

As part of this solution, we use high-tech long-range 3D laser scanners like the FARO Focus S350 combined with BIM software like Autodesk Revit. All tasks to be performed under this solution are executed by our team of experts. Our team will visit your site and scan the site for 8 to 10 hours daily. The FARO Focus S350 3D Scanner is capable of 50 scans per day. We also provide two batteries along with the 3D Scanner. Scanned data can be registered on the same day and loading time for the scans can also be done on the same day. The total time required to complete scanning of your site depends on the total area of the site. To speed up the project we can also use multiple 3D Scanners per day. For a detailed discussion, please get in touch with us at +91 9840478347 or write to us at

We can model from LOD 100 to 500 based on your requirement.

For creating a Building Information model from Point cloud there is dedicated software is used, Autodesk Revit is one of the widely used software for scan to BIM conversion, so the term called scan to BIM Revit comes from using the revit or the same applications.

What are the deliverables of the Scan-to-BIM Solution offered by WildPlant? Our deliverables include 3D Models, CAD Models, Point Cloud Data, Elevation & Rendering, Plan View, As-Built documentation, and Walk-through models. We can provide Point Cloud Data in the following formats: .rcp .isproj .rcp .e57 .xyz .pts .rcs .fls(raw scan files)2, BIM model - .iges, .step & .xt .ipt .iam .dwg (dxf) .ifs .adsk .prt . assy