Heritage 3D Scanning

Scan, Model And Preserve Your Heritage With 3D Laser Scanning



Heritage 3D scanning is a new technology that makes it possible to capture the physical dimensions and as-built models of an existing Heritage building & monument for future use. Heritage 3D scanning provides important views of exterior details and hidden elements such as roof framing and plumbing infrastructure, which cannot be seen from ground level. This Heritage Building information modeling can be used for historic preservation and restoration planning, historical research, virtual travel, and marketing. With the rapid technological advances in laser scanning, Wildplant terrestrial solutions provide advanced 3D laser scanning for heritage to utilize the latest technology available.



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We can 3D laser scan any part of the temple, entire temple, or small and large sculptures and pillars.

Point cloud formats,3D Mesh files, walkthrough models, CAD models are the standard output of heritage scanning.

Laser scanning technology helps in preserving the cultural heritage of India. It is a non-destructive, quick, and accurate way to document artifacts and objects of cultural significance. The technology can be used for documenting monuments, cave temples, sculptures, archeological finds, and for conservation projects.

Based on the temple size post-scan application, Temple 3D scanning costs a minimum of 40000 INR to a maximum of 20L. Please fill up the form get a quote for the approximate project cost.

You need to perform 3D laser scanning of the physical temple to convert it to a digital as-built temple. Then with the captured data, you can create VR based 3D models for a virtual tour of any temples