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In the Movie industry, 3D laser scanning is used to scan the complete Movie set and create digital 3D models of real-world objects for movies and computer games. These 3D scans will produce replica and textures of an entire movie set for costume effects, props creating, decoration, set construction elements, Visual effects (VFX), which are used for computer-generated imagery(CGI) without these 3D laser scanning techniques, animators can work for weeks on building an object from scratch in a digital modeling program. With the rapid technological advances in laser scanning, Wildplant terrestrial solutions provide advanced 3D laser scanning for Movie set to utilize the latest technology available.



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We use lidar 3D scanning equipment to 3D scan the movie set. Once we understand the location and scanning area, we bring the Equipment to the film studio or shooting sport to 3D scan the move set.

We use a faro focus long-range 3D scanner to scan the as-build condition of the movie set for animation and post-production works.

We can 3D scan the movie set in any part of the country, and output can be 3D models as point cloud file as .asc file, recap file even we can create 3D mesh file and export and colored .stl 3D mesh files.

We charge 40000 inr to 70000 inr for 3D scanning a movie set per day. This includes post-processing the scan data. However, don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales team for the appropriate price quote for your projects and scanners.

Laser scanning nowadays aids VFX directors to capture the as build reality of the movie set. Post scanning, the digital environment of the movie set can be used for Visual effects and Computer graphics.