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FARO®‘s Focus Laser Scanner series captures the as-built digital replica of a physical building or environment. the Photorealistic ready to use 3D images generated from the faro 3D scanner are highly detailed and textured and accurately represent the live terrestrial objects. Faro 3D scanner has an intuitive touch screen for better 3D viewing of live data capturing. Its built-in eight mega-pixel HDR camera captures natural colour overlay to the 3D laser scan data in extreme lighting conditions. In addition to this, it is lightweight, easy to carry, and small in size enables a per day 3D scanning of 8 plus hours with its battery capacity of 4.5 hours of scanning each time. The backup battery will add another 4.5 hours of non-stop 3D scanning.


High-Level of Accuracy and Range (up to 350m)

Get exceptional accuracy with a combination of the most advanced laser sensor technologies.

Great Flexibility

3D scanning surveyor can Hand carry faro focus 3d scanner to on-site 3d scanning locations such as factories indoors and outdoors, also can 3d scan in direct sunlight or complete darkness.

Strong and Rugged Design

Faro focus got Ingress Protection (IP) and Class 54 environmental ratings specifically designed to be extensively used reliably in harsh environmental conditions, such as solid vibration areas, extreme temperatures, and wet or dusty environments.







All these three series are mainly differentiated by the distance that they scan per shot, Splus350 will cover 350 meters, S150 will cover 150 meters, S70 will cover 70 meters, apart from this there are few minor differences, to know more ----link-----

Faro scene software is used to handle the data acquired by the Faro Focus 3D laser scanner.

Yes, our terrestrial laser scanners can scan the building's interior and exterior.

It depends on the model you choose and the price range from 15Lak to 45Lak.

Yes, it is a portable 3D laser scanner that will come with a hard case that is not more than 5 to 7 kg, including a scanner head.

focus with HDR photography, functionality, 1x Battery, Power Block, 1x, Battery, Power Dock, 1x 90W Power Supply, 1x Optic Cleaning Fluid, 3x Optic Cleaning Tissues, 1x 32GB SD card, 1x SD card reader, 1x SD cardcover, 1x Allen wrench, 1x rugged hard transport case, calibration certificate and tripod

Yes, We need to do the calibration at least yearly once. but Still, you can use the scanner without calibration, it is not advisable for long term and heavy-duty use

It will be range from 7 - 9% of scanner cost.