Factory 3D Scanning

Digitize And Design Your Factory For Digital Twin



Factory 3D laser scanning delivers as-built data that is accurate and ready for use, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional survey processes. Whether you're working on strategies to improve plant efficiency or concerned with production management, industrial plants become larger and more complex every day. It is essential to have 3D laser scanning technology available to identify problems with layouts or material flows readily. With the rapid technological advances in laser scanning, Wildplant terrestrial solutions provide advanced Factory 3D laser scanning to utilize the latest technology available.



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No, We can 3D scan the factory in working condition

We usually use the same 3D laser scanner to scan both machineries of the factory and factory building, but we use a Handheld 3D scanner if the customer has higher requirements in the LOD of machines

It depends on the customer expectation on Level of Detailing(LOD) usually, for factory relocation purposes, we provide LOD 100

Yes, we can create a digital walkthrough from CAD

We provide a Walkthrough file, Inventor, Revit, 3D models

We charge 40000 inr to 70000 inr for 3D scanning a movie set per day. It is based on the building area and size of the factory, Machinery type or Equipment type, get an instant quote by filling the form ______ Link ____